Business Tool of the Month -HoursTracker

If you’re in a service profession, you most likely charge by the hour. Keeping track of time spent on billable hours is important when invoicing clients.  It can be a lot to manage as a freelancer juggling multiple projects at a time.

HoursTracker was a lifesaver for me. It is a mobile application available for download iOS and Android devices. I recommend, downloading the premium version for $4.99. This will give you the ability to host multiple projects on the application, helping you keep your business organized. If paying for mobile apps does not interest you, the free version limits you to one project at a time.  If you find yourself working on projects simultaneously, the premium version may be a better fit.

The interface is very user-friendly. To add a new project press the plus sign (+). You will then be brought to a new screen where you can enter your project details such a name, and hourly rate. You can also set automatic breaks, allow overtime and set up your pay period. 


When you’re ready to start working, select the project, and push the “Clock In Now” button. When you’re finished just, clock out. If you ever forget to clock in or clock out,  you can edit your time in the job details. My favorite thing about the HoursTracker is the ability to export your time as an excel file. After I have received payment for my work, I export the timesheet as a CSV file and save to my G. Drive for my records. I then,  clear out the time for the client or delete the project completely if there is no further work. This feature can come in handy if there is ever a billing dispute.

I have found much success with this mobile application especially because it is so accessible.  Whenever I have the inspiration to work on a project, I pull out my phone and presto! I encourage you to try it out and let me know your thoughts.